Musik - Equipment

Electric Guitars

Since 1999 Carl Carlton is endorsed by the German company Duesenberg. They developed for him his C.C. Signature Model, which in the meantime is one of the best selling guitars of this maker.

Beside his Duesenberg C.C. Carlton also plays Duesenberg Starplayer TV und Fullerton C.C. guitars and of course Fender, Gibson, Gretsch und Rickenbacker guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

Carl Carlton mainly uses Lakewood and Larson-Bros. guitars in these days.


After long years with two Vox AC-30 amps Carl Carlton now uses stack of the German company THC – a Sunset Top incl. a 2×12“ cabinet.

Effects pedals

When it comes down to effects pedals, Carltons first choice is T.Rex .